Fancy Honey Bee


This beautiful bee is the envy of the entire garden. Cast in sterling silver then complete rhodium with 18k yellow gold plated accents added. There are 20 hand cut and hand set white mother of pearl inlay pieces along the wings and body with a stunning 12mm white topaz in the center. There is also Tahitian black mother of pearl in the eyes. The size on this three dimensional bee is 1.25” long x 1.75” wide and .50” high.


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Nature and the Sea were the inspiration for The Kovel Collection by designer Dr. William Kovel. Once a tuna fisherman, he draws on his life experiences as a cosmetic dentist, public artist, sculptor and scuba diver to create beautiful jewelry inspired by Nature. Each piece of jewelry starts as an idea, perhaps seeing a certain animal or shell while walking the beach. The idea is drawn on paper then a wax model is created in three dimensions exactly like the idea. From there the wax goes through a casting process where under pressure, molten high quality silver is melted into the shape of the piece being produced. Dr. Kovel actively oversees every design aspect from start to finish and brings to life his designer creations in individual works of 3-D art. Dr. Kovel’s public art projects include large fish sculptures on the exterior walls of major world aquariums and public school buildings. The Kovel Collection funds local projects like wetland preservation, mangrove restoration and sea turtle rehabilitation.

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Dimensions 1.25 × 1.75 × .50 in

Yo Fancy Honey Bee ($598), Gold Fancy Honey Bee ($598)

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