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Beautiful Glass Straws at Just/Because

  justbecause   Jul 08, 2016   Blog   Comments Off on Beautiful Glass Straws at Just/Because

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New Product! Beautiful Glass Straws:

* Made of borosilicate glass tubing – the strongest commercially available glass.
* Borosilicate glass is also non-toxic, so you can feel confident no toxins are leaching into your beverage.
* Dishwasher safe
* Beautiful yet functional – the decoration allows you to distinguish which straw is yours and also stops it from rolling on flat surfaces.
* Handmade in the USA

What are our clients saying?

Susan Blum says, ” I absolutely love these straws! They are fantastic…everyone should have a few to keep rotating! They look so great, too! They are sparkling clean out of the dishwasher????”

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